3D Foam Sculptures Bring Your Brand to Life!

Supercharge your point of sale with 3D foam sculptures that capture the essence of your brand. Our custom foam creations can be used as giveaways or leave-behinds to assist in sales. Or maximize your marketing with oversized product (think enormous cheeseburger!) or caricatures of owners, staff or mascots.

Use light-weight Styrofoam to make a big impact at Trade Shows or marketplace events. 3D elements add life to signage, interior displays and help drive traffic when used on store and restaurant exteriors.

Add texture and depth to your displays

Just like Absolut Vodka did to roll out their new LIME flavor, you can add texture that makes your brand pop off the wall!
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Did Someone Order An Enormous Cheeseburger?

Yes, and it was custom designed in the likeness of the restaurant owner. Crescent Decal designed, sculpted and painted this custom foam 3D sculpture for The Harbor Restaurant.

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